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You want to Install Web Service Standalone and do not want to use the automatically created MESGateway Project ?

Quick reminder about Sepasoft Modules ..

  • OEE, SPC, Recipe, Document Management and Trace all depend on Production - they will fail without Production.
  • Interface for SAP depends on Business Connector - it will fail without BC.
  • Instrument Interface and Barcode Scanner are standalone.
  • Web Services is standalone, but having it installed alongside Business Connector enables Business Connector to call Web Services Consumers
    via the REST and SOAP blocks.
  • Business Connector does not depend on Production, but if you have Production installed alongside Business Connector,
    you are enabled to save MES Objects in Business Connector via the Save MES Object block.

Applies To and Version Info

2.0 / 3.0


You can create your own Project 

then connect the Project in the Web Services Settings page

Launch the Designer and open the said Project 


in 7.9.x, we use the Global Project, but it was removed all together in 8.0.x
so to fill in for the missing Global Project we (still) create the MESGateway Project during installation of the WS Module.

Web Service definitions are only visible in the specific project.
Web Service functions can be called from any project like MES functions.


Installation Guide


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