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We have provided some utility screens, tags and scripts that can be used during the tutorial or in your own projects that provide added functionality or can help debug and troubleshoot issues. We will keep adding more stuff here so you should check back every now and then.

  • Download the following project files and File > Import the screens and templates into your project through the Ignition Designer.
OEE 2.0 T&TMES Diagnostics.projDiagnostics screen that can be used to see all active operations and segments under a site and end them if necessary.4/17/18
ALLWIW.proj'Window In Window' templates. Allows you to create a window within a window using templates and passing parameters as a python dictionary.1/26/18
T&TInventory Functions.proj

Templates that provides a standard set of inventory functions:

  • Scrap Material
  • Split Material
  • Inspect Material
  • Adjust Quantity

This template also requires the operations to be created or imported (MES Object Export Operations Definition - Inventory Functions.xml). See the Create Inventory Operations page).

  • Added support for multiple operations running
ALLDate Range Selector.projTemplate that allows for easy selection of preset date ranges. Pop this onto a screen to drive start and end dates. Bind the Start Date and End Date template properties to date properties on the windows' root container or to client tags and then bind other components date properties to the client of container properties.4/16/18
SPCQuality Check Table Report.projSPC data primarily works with the provided control charts, however if you are using the module simply to schedule and capture quality checks, and want to display the data in a power table or report, this project shows you how to achieve this through scripting.5/3/18
OEE 2.0Equipment State Importer.proj

Can be used to import equipment states and downtime reasons/codes from a csv file generated from a plc or exported from an OEE 1.0 project. csv files only needs to contain state name and state code. This screen allows you to define the equipment state type for each state.

  • Added check for blank state names and invalid characters in state names before adding them
SPCCustom Causes.projSPC Control Charts provides a method for adding notes and 'cause ' to sample data. If you need to provide a specific list of selectable causes by sample/attribute type, then this screen shows how to implement that functionality.5/10/18

OEE 2.0


Operations scheduler using the Ignition Calendar components to create and modify Operations Schedule objects.

  • Added support for displaying and editing equipment modes at the line level
  • Fixed issue with future dates
  • Prevent schedules that start before copy period from being copied
OEE 2.0Line Run Data.projUpdated Live Analysis Production Run Template. Requires Live Analysis 'Run Data' and global script 'getLiveAnalysisTagPath()' to be created (see instructions on Create Packaging Screen).
  • Save the changes.

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