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Legacy Information

This training manual is a legacy instructional product.  We recommend that you start with the 3.0 training manual for OEE and Track and Trace, or the 2.0 training manual for SPC and Recipe.

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Estimated time to complete this tutorial: 16 hours

Welcome to the MES 2.0 Training Manual! This is a comprehensive guide designed to help you improve the quality of your MES projects. It has been put together as a tutorial that walks you through the steps of implementing an MES solution for an imaginary company Nuts Unlimited. As we go through the steps, we'll add lot tracking, production scheduling, OEE metrics, recipe management, sampling and SPC to their manufacturing process. We'll use the utility modules to capture data from legacy devices and the Web Services module to create an information exchange with their ERP system to pull work orders and product codes.

You build the project as you go along and we'll discuss each topic in detail and provide links to reference material in the help manual. Whenever you see a panel with bullet points as shown, there is a task for you to perform to build out your own MES Project.

New MES 2.0 Tutorial

An updated tutorial (currently covering only the OEE Downtime, Track and Trace and SPC modules), can be found here.

  • Drag a button onto the screen and name it btnStartSimulator

Last updated - 4/26/2019


The tutorial is divided up into sections for each module. It is strongly recommended that you go through each section as there are dependencies between section exercises. Even if you are only interested in learning about one module, knowing the capabilities of each module and how they interact with each other will provide you with a better understanding of how best to realize your MES solution.

Let's Get SetupInstall ignition, modules, database and configure gateway settings30 mins
Track and TraceAdd Lot Tracking and Production Control3hrs 30 mins
OEE 2.0Add Work Order Scheduling and OEE analysis to production runs5hrs
Web Services 2.0Connect to an ERP system to pull work orders and product codes, and return production data1hr 30 mins
Recipe ManagementCreate a Recipe Management system to track changes to recipe and monitor production variances3hrs
SPCAdd Statistical Process Control to monitor weight of finished goods packages2hrs
Instrument InterfacePull SPC data from lab instrumentation through flat file parsing1hr
Total16 hours 30 minutes

We Love Feedback

As we help you grow, please help us to improve! Use the comments field on each page to inform us of any issues you find with the training documentation, whether it is confusing, you get stuck, or is just downright plain wrong. If you leave your email address, we will respond.

The project and training is built against a certain release of Ignition and Sepasoft modules and we periodically validate it against the updates, but we welcome your help and feedback. At the end of the training, there is a survey you can take that will help us to further improve this training resource.


A navigation bar is provided at the top and bottom of each page that moves you through each tutorial section. Here is a description of the function of each button.

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Good Luck with your training project!

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