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A component that displays all the available work orders in a table and calculates the units produced, scheduled and remaining for each work order. All work orders are automatically displayed from the "WorkOrder" database table within the date range of From Date and To Date properties without the need for custom SQL statements or script. 

NameScriptingCategoryProperty TypeDescription
To DatetoDateDataDateTimeSet or read the date of the most recent work order to display.
From DatefromDateDataDateTimeSet or read the date of the oldest work order to display.
Show ClosedshowClosedDataBooleanSet to true to show closed work orders.
Show HiddenshowHiddenDataBooleanSet to true to show hidden work orders.
Line Name FilterlineNameFilterDataStringComma separated list of line names to filter work orders. Leave blank for all lines.
Row HeightrowHeightAppearanceintThe height of each row, in pixels.
Odd Row BackgroundoddBackgroundAppearanceColorThe color which odd rows will be colored if background mode is 'Alternating'.
Selection BackgroundselectionBackgroundAppearanceColorThe background color of a selected cell.
Selection ForegroundselectionForegroundAppearanceColorThe foreground color of a selected cell.
Show Horizontal Grid Lines?showHorizontalLinesAppearancebooleanDisplays horizontal gridlines making it easier to read.
Show Vertical Grid Lines?showVerticalLinesAppearancebooleanDisplays vertical gridlines making it easier to read.
Grid Line ColorgridColorAppearanceColorThe color used to draw grid lines.
Initially Selected RowinitialRowSelectionBehaviorintThe index of the row that should be selected by default when this table's data is filled in. Note that you must save the table with no selection in order for this to work.
Selected ColumnselectedColumnDataintThe index of the first selected column, or -1 if none.
Selected RowselectedRowDataintThe index of the first selected row, or -1 if none.
Selected Work OrderselectedWorkOrderDataintThe currently selected Work Order ID or -1 if none.
Scripting Functions

This component does not have scripting functions associated with it.

Extension Functions

This component does not have extension functions associated with it. 

Event Handlers

Fires whenever a bindable property of the source component changes. This works for standard and custom (dynamic) properties.

sourceThe component that fired this event.
newValueThe new value that this property changed to.
oldValueThe value that this property was before it changed. Note that not all components include an accurate oldValue in their events.
propertyNameThe name of the property that changed. NOTE: remember to always filter out these events for the property that you are looking for! Components often have many properties that change.

This component does not have any custom properties.


Component Work Order Table

Work Order Table


The users can click on a checkbox in the Closed column to close out a work order. After it is closed out, it will no longer show in the Work Order Table component and it will not be available in any other work order selector components. This feature is provided because some production runs may finish before the target number of units are produced due to lack of raw materials, change in production priorities, etc.

The user can also click on a checkbox in the Hide column to hide the work order from being shown in the Work Order Component. Implementations that integrate with other software systems, such as an ERP system, may show work orders that are not relevant to this system. By hiding them, this list can be kept clean of unrelated work orders.


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