MES 3.0

The MES Metrics Tags are tags that provide the latest values for monitor output.  Examples such as database connection times will show the last measured value.


Tags are created for each metrics category in the Metrics Categories pane, to allow live monitoring and control via Ignition components, MES components, and scripts. These are located in the Tag Browser under All Providers.

All MES Metrics tags are created and updated as type String by the MES Monitor component, regardless of whether they are numeric in nature (example: the .increment (n) and .decrement(n) Counter object methods treat them locally as integers, but their associated tags remain as type String).

Dashboards With Live Metrics

Dashboards can utilize indirect tag bindings to show monitor/metrics data live.

To the right, we've added a Custom Counter called Counter1, a Counter Exception called CounterException1,  and a Custom Value called MyValueDashboard display components can be bound to these, as well as any of the other metrics, to show their latest values at a glance, or they can be grabbed for inclusion in an automatically-scheduled report.

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