MES 3.0

Complete the following steps using the 03_Analysis screen recently configured:

Create and Run an Analysis

  1. Enter a name for the Analysis you area going to create in the Name: field (spaces, dashes and underscores are allowed).

  2. Select a Line from the MES Object Selector.

  3. Press Create Analysis to create a new Analysis.
    1. The name is what you entered in the Text Field.
    2. The data points are scripted to be: Equipment Name, Equipment PathOEE, OEE Availability, OEE PerformanceOEE Quality, Equipment State Name and State Duration.
    3. Filter By will be set to the the Line you selected in the MES Object Selector.
    4. Group By will be set to Equipment Path.
    5. Order By will be set to Equipment Name.

  4. Press Execute Analysis to run the Analysis and push the resulting data to the Power Table component.
    A column for each data point will be displayed:

  5. To create another Analysis, edit the script in the Create Analysis button to change the configured selections as desired. In Preview mode, enter a new name for the Analysis and then create and execute the new Analysis.

  6. (optional) If you have already configured and run the screens for the OEE-Schedule-Driven section, you can also use the OEE_02_Scheduling\03_Analysis screen to view, edit and delete your Analyses. Just be aware that within the Designer environment, the list of available Analyses may not be up to date in the drop-down list in the MES Analysis Selector component if you created a new Analysis via script, so you may have to close and re-open the window to force a refresh of the list.

  7. Go back to the previous 02_Production Control screen and run something on the same Line. With the Tags you created to simulate production counters, 'Make' some successful parts and some reject parts, as well as change the Equipment State via the State tags to 2 for Idle or 6 for Starved (or use the new state you created earlier) for a little while before changing back to 1 = Running. Return to the 03_Analysis screen and click the Execute Analysis button (your Analysis is already created), you should now see updated OEE values in the Power Table.

Delete an Analysis (optional)

If you configured the Delete Analysis capability when you built the screen, you can delete any Analysis you created:

  1. Select any Analysis you created in the MES Object Selector above the Delete Analysis button.

    You may need to click the Update button to update the list of all available Analyses.

  2. Press Delete Analysis.

    The deleted Analysis will no longer exist, so you may create one with the same name again.


Additional Steps

  • Execute Analysis before/during/after production runs and explore additional data points and filter by options.
  • Consider other components you can populate with analysis data, such as charts.
  • More experienced users can set up a Web Service to share analysis data with another system using the executeAnalysis() function call(s).

As with production execution via scripting, analysis via script is a flexible and powerful way to share relevant data in screens, and with other systems. Test drive your new capabilities considering what data you want to see and how you want to see it.

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