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In OEE 1.0 the Downtime Reasons could be imported and exported using a comma separated value file (see Configuring Downtime Reasons). In OEE 2.0, the export/import mechanism was changed to use XML (see Equipment States). This kb provides a project file that can be used to convert csv files exported from an OEE 1.0 file or csv files generated from a plc to be imported into OEE 2.0.

Applies To and Version Info

This feature applies to the OEE 2.0 module.



A project containing a Utility screen can be downloaded from Installing Utility Screens (direct link Equipment State Importer.proj). 


This screen allows you to import equipment states directly from a csv file generated from a plc. The csv file only needs to contain state name and state code, but can also be exported from an OEE 1.0 project.

1. Select a csv file to import.
2. Click on the Equipment State Type column and select from a drop down. You can also select multiple rows and use the dropdown and 'Update' button to change all of them in one go. Any equipment states that do not have an associated Equipment State Type will be set to 'Unplanned Downtime'.
3. Click in the column that contains the state name and press the 'Select State Name Column' button.
4. Click in the column that contains the state code and press the 'Select State Code Column' button.
5. Enter a name for Equipment State Class and then press 'Create Equipment State Class'.

Note: You will need to re-open the OEE Equipment Manager component to see the imported Equipment State Classes.

Note relative to Equipment States Legacy Import during 1.0 to 2.0 Migration

Migrating from OEE 1.0 to OEE 2.0

The following list of Equipment States Description character combinations are not permitted in 2.0

Code Block
Test `Test
Test ~Test
Test !Test 
Test #Test
Test $Test
Test %Test
Test ^Test
Test *Test
Test +Test
Test =Test
Test {Test and Test }Test
Test [Test and Test ]Test
Test |Test and Test \Test
Test ,Test
Test ?Test and Test /Test

These could trigger an import error:

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