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Purging all SPC-related definitions and data via the MySQL database. This will remove all Sample Definitions, all of the Attributes associated with them, all collected samples and all Tag Sample Collector history. For tutorial users, this allows repeating SPC lessons using the original pre-scripted Sample Definition names.


This is for tutorial users only! Modifying MySQL database tables directly is not recoverable. This procedure is not recommended in a production environment.

Applies To and Version Info

This feature applies to SPC module.

How To

  1. Delete any Tag Sample Collectors you may have in any Production Model Locations.

  2. Open MySQL Workbench and open the Tables section for the database you are using for MES storage (typically called "mes").

  3. Drop (delete) the tables associated with the SPC Module (they start with "qual.." and "sample..."). You can highlight them all at once, right-click and select Drop Table.

  4. Close Designer.

  5. Restart the SPC Module, then restart the Production Module. You should see that the tables will be recreated in the database, but will all be empty.

  6. Close MySQL Workbench.

  7. Open Designer and re-create any Tag Sample Collectors you had previously deleted (if any).

  8. Save your project (check the 'Remember...' box and click Project & Global).

  9. Tutorial users can check that all the Sample Definitions are gone using the Sample Manager on the SPC_01_GUI\01_Configuration screen (if they existed, they would be listed under Definitions).


    The name of the last Sample Definition you created or updated may still remain in the Sample Name field, as well as other info in other fields. These are just residual field-data 'memories' held in the window itself and does not indicate that the Sample Definition still exists.


Purge SPC Data


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