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OEE Downtime Table

you can use this code to create this Analysis (you will have to close/open your Window with Impromptu to get this loaded back)

Code Block
analysis_setting = system.mes.analysis.createMESAnalysisSettings("Like OEE DT Table")

Datapoints = [
			"Line State Event Begin",
			"Line State Event End",
			"Line State Duration",
			"Is Short Stop",
			"Short Stop Threshold",
			"Line Downtime Equipment Path",
			"Line Downtime Original Equipment Path",
			"Line Downtime Equipment Name",
			"Line Downtime Reason",
			"Line Downtime Reason Path",
			"Equipment Note",
			"Line State Value",
			"Line Downtime State Time Stamp",
			"Line Downtime End State Time Stamp",
			"Line Downtime Reason Split",
			"Line Downtime Can Revert Split",
			"Line Downtime Event Sequence",
			"Line Downtime Occurrence Count",
			"Line State Override Type",
			"Line State Override Scope",
			"Line State Overridden"

analysis_setting.setFilterExpression("Equipment Path=@eqPath AND (Line State Type='Planned Downtime' OR Line State Type='Unplanned Downtime' OR Line State Type='Unknown')")
analysis_setting.setGroupBy("Line Downtime Event Sequence")
analysis_setting.setOrderBy("Line Downtime Event Sequence")
analysis_setting.setSettingValues("Rollup Time Span=0,Suppress Grouping Messages=True,Unknown State as Unplanned Downtime=False")



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OEE Downtime Table