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To get the last x line downtime reasons, the Line Downtime Event Sequence item is used.

Applies To and Version Info

This feature applies to OEE 2.0 module and is available in version 2.9.1 or greater.


Version 2.9.1 SP1 didn't have Line Downtime Event Sequence available as an item to be filtered. However, it is possible to manually add it to the filter with the MES Analysis Controller.

Line Downtime Event Sequence

Note that the Line Downtime Event Sequence doesn't need to be selected for a Data Points.

 In the filters, add Line Downtime Event Sequence <= x to limits the number of downtime events returned in the results.

For 2.9.1 SP1 and prior, manually add the following to the filter property:

Code Block
AND Line Downtime Event Sequence < 5

For 2.9.1 SP2 and after, it will show in the filter edit panel.


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