Ignition 8 Project (Inheritance ++) Setup for Gateway upgraded from 7.9, or a fresh Ignition 8 install on MES 2.0 modules.

Applies To and Version Info

Ignition 8 / Sepasoft Modules  https://www.sepasoft.com/downloads/#Platform_2_Ignition_8


Options to setup Project(s) and impact on what is seen or not, can or cannot be edited in Designer

Assuming the Ignition 8 "fresh" install or the Upgrade from 7.9 were as follow (and as recommended)

Option 1) Ignition 8 "fresh" install

Option 2) Upgrade from 7.9

  • Upgrade to Ignition 8 
    caution !!! at the step/pop up where Ignition is informing you that is has detected other modules that will not be automatically upgraded
    pause the upgrade, (i.e. do NOT click "yes".. yet)
  • move the Sepasoft Modules https://www.sepasoft.com/downloads/#Platform_2_Ignition_8
    to C:\Program Files\Inductive Automation\<your Ignition installation directory>\user-lib\modules (windows)
    to /var/lib/<your Ignition installation directory>/user-lib/modules (Linux)

    • IF you have a problem copying the modules over, you might have to stop the Ignition Service and restart the Upgrade
      (we have seen case when trying to copy the module over will create duplicate files and trying to delete the "old" module will return
      a "used by Java" error)

  • when all modules are copied you can click "yes" and continue and complete the upgrade

  • the sequence of popups in Ignition 8.0.15 appears to be

    THIS is the point where you MUST copy the MES Modules to the Ignition directory as specified above
    then click Yes

    this tabs appear:
    Nothing to do in this Tab, click on the Additional Modules Tab

    Select like so.. Keep as-is ..

    this is a trick because Ignition Upgrade does NOT know that you moved the MES 2.80 Modules in user-lib!

    => Click Next to 
    Click Upgrade ...

Configure inheritance

Whichever path was used (above) the final result should be that you can now see 2 new Projects together with the Work Project you had
in 7.9 : 
MESGateway and Global (explanation in Ignition 8 Readiness)

these are the typical Settings

1) General Project Overview

MESGateway and Global projects were created if this is an upgrade from 7.9:

If this is a fresh 8.0 installation, there is no global project, you only get MESGateway as created by the MES modules:

2) MES Getaway

3) Global (skip if fresh 8.0 install)

4) Workplace Project

If it is an upgrade, you will want to inherit from global on your project to use global resources imported from 7.9.

If this is a fresh install, you may choose to inherit from MESGateway so you can see the production model in other projects.

Designer will show

caution !!! with this configuration you can "see" the Production Model (grayed out) but any changes to it will be lost.
if you want to make changes to the Production Model, you must make them (open) in the MESGateway Project

Also make sure that you have the MESGateway (Project) setup as a Configuration Project in MES Settings 

Question : can I get the Production Model in a Project that does not depend on an inherited project 
Answer   : You cannot. The production Model come from Project resources. If those Project resources are not present, then you do not get any nodes.



Ignition 8 Readiness



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