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You want to highlight Work Order Table Row(s) if, for example, you have Work Order Actual Quantity > Work Order Quantity

Step-by-step guide

  1. in the Work Order Table → Scripting → Extension Function initialize 

    	from import ExtensionFunction
    	extension = ExtensionFunction(True, """
    def configureCell(self, value, textValue, selected, rowIndex, colIndex, colName, rowView, colView):
    	from java.awt import Color
    	WOQ = self.getData().getValueAt(rowIndex, 'Work Order Quantity')
    	AQ = self.getData().getValueAt(rowIndex, 'Actual Quantity')
    	if AQ > WOQ:
    		return {'foreground': Color.BLUE, 'background': Color.YELLOW}
    	self.getExtensionFunctions().put('configureCell', extension)

    EXACTLY like this:

Note: tested on Ignition 7.9.12 / MES 2.79.X

MES Work Order Table