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In the Process of adding a Material to an Equipment you receive the following error in the Designer Console:

07:38:21.119 [AWT-EventQueue-2] ERROR com.sepasoft.production.rpc.ProductionRPCProxy - Failed: updateMaterialProcessSegments()
All equipment items must be under the same line for each production settings property (expected: Enterprise\Site\Area\Line X, actual: Enterprise\Site\Area\Line Z)

when you try to update a Material in the Material Manager, the Component will not save the Assignment and you will have to
open the Designer Console to find the above error/stack trace.


Using the Component Object Editor 
check for Segment Operations => OEE Production

right click then edit 

this Process Segment Temple should look like this:

if there is an Equipment defined under Production Settings, it should be removed.

My Object Editor 7910.proj

Production Settings Property