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You want to change (back?) the  (Default Equipment State Class) that appears in 

MESEquipmentStateClass has a field called EquipmentStateClassDefault, if that is true then it is the 'default' state class and that label is used.

Step-by-step guide

Run the code below in the Script Console

  1. Step 1

    defaultUUID = 'b9967975-5785-4a46-8d18-11e62c74ca33' # default UUID from MESEquipmentStateClass 
    OtherDefaultUUID = 'de5f138c-9a25-4a29-9c1b-05176804a58f' # another Class UUID from MESEquipmentStateClass
                                                              # that somehow inherited (Default Equipment State Class) 
    obj = system.mes.loadMESObject(defaultUUID)
    obj.setPropertyValue('EquipmentStateClassDefault', True)
    obj = system.mes.loadMESObject(OtherDefaultUUID)
    obj.setPropertyValue('EquipmentStateClassDefault', False)

MES Equipment State Class

MES Equipment State

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