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a large number of segments, lots, was completed with or from the wrong parent lot number.

now you need to "break the connection to the parent lot" but also must be able to reuse the lot name on a new lot object created in the future.

Step-by-step guide

In a duplicated Test Environment before executing this on your Production System:

  1. to remove the links from the '<parent lot>' execute the following SQL query against the db:

    SELECT *
    FROM MESResponseMaterialProperty prop
    JOIN MESMaterialLot lot ON lot.MESMaterialLotUUID = prop.LotRefUUID
    WHERE lot.Name = '<parent lot>' AND prop.Name = 'MaterialIn-0'

    then swap out the 'SELECT *' for 'DELETE' and remove all of the links from '<parent lot>' to the Response Segments where it was utilized as a material input.
    It will now no longer show as connected in the Trace Graph.

  2. You will notice that the system.mes.getLotInventoryByLot() function will throw exceptions when you will search for the lot by name,
    but if you use its UUID, it returns correctly.