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You are working with the Equipment Manager and when you click on a State (any State) for an Equipment (any Equipment) and
you see this

this is not normal  (sad)

Also, there is no error in the Console, or in the GW logs.
This, also, is not normal.


Open the Database Browser and check if you have Equipment States ? Classes ? 

does select * from MESObjectLink where MESObjectType in ('EquipmentState', 'EquipmentStateClass', 'EquipmentStateRoot') 
return anything ?

try this queries

select * from MESObjectLink where MESObjectType = 'EquipmentStateRoot' 
select * from MESEquipmentStateRoot

these should return ONE row .. 

if you get this :


something is broken. there should be only one.

now try this 
select distinct ParentMESObjectUUID from MESObjectLink where ParentMESObjectType = 'EquipmentStateRoot'

this Query will return ONE and only ONE row with the UUID that you want to "keep"

pass it to the following update

update MESEquipmentStateRoot set Enabled = 0 where MESEquipmentStateRootUUID != 'UUID_FROM_ABOVE_QUERY'

(note the !=  this will update the records with the OTHER UUID !!)

now close the Window where you were running the Equipment Manager. 
reopen it and your problem should be fixed with Equipment States appearing as they should