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You are using, for example, Infeed + Reject and you want to change to, for example, Infeed + Outfeed.

Note : 

1) stop any run before changing the Counter in the Production Mode
2) un check the Equipment in the Material Manager

3) change the Counters (enable/disable/delete whichever works for you)

4) restart the Production Module (question)

5) re assign the Material(s) and make sure the correct Count Equipment are selected

Applies To and Version Info

2.0 / 3.0 (Analysis code logic)


Production Model Counter Tab 

for Infeed + Reject

for Infeed + Outfeed (note Reject is not enabled)


Running with Infeed + Reject showing in Analysis

Running with Infeed + Outfeed showing in Analysis with Time Frame that includes the Run with Infeed + Reject


Unfortunately the Historical Analysis will not show a break down between the different runs

This is working as designed
If the line has Reject Counters, use them (Infeed + Reject). Else calculate Reject (Infeed + Outfeed).

We look for any Reject Counters on the line or any cells at the time the Analysis is run.

If at the time Analysis is run there are no Reject, we will calculate Reject based on Infeed - Outfeed.


Impact of Renaming a Counter


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