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There may be a requirement for operators to be able to select a downtime event from the OEE Time Chart and easily see the corresponding OEE Downtime Table Event.  This article explains how to leverage the extension function of the OEE Time Chart to highlight rows in the OEE Downtime Table. 

This is for the Vision components only 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Drop the following on screen:
    1. OEE Time Chart
    2. OEE Downtime Table
    3. MES Object Selector
    4. Date Range
  2. Bind the OEE Time Chart and OEE Downtime Table Start and End Dates to the Date Range Start and End Dates.
  3. Bind the OEE Time Chart Line Path and OEE Downtime Table Equipment Path to the MES Object Selector Property "Equipment Item Path" 
  4. On the MES Object Selector Data Properties, select "Include MES Line Objects" and "Show Equipment Path"
  5. Paste the following script in the "getToolTipText extension function in the OEE Time Chart Component Scripting area
    2. getToolTipText
      equipmentChanged = False
      beginDateTimeChanged = False
      if causeEquipment and causeEquipment != self.selectedCell:
      	self.selectedCell = causeEquipment
      	equipmentChanged = True
      elif beginDateTime and beginDateTime != self.selectedStartTime:
      	self.selectedStartTime = beginDateTime
      	beginDateTimeChanged = True
      if itemType == 'State' and item.isUnplannedDTState():
      	if (equipmentChanged and self.selectedCell) or (beginDateTimeChanged and self.selectedStartTime):
      		#highlight the row in the dt table
      		from java.awt import Color
      		dt = self.parent.getComponent('OEE Downtime Table').getTable()
      		code = item.getCode()
      		ds = dt.getViewDataset()
      		for row in range(ds.getRowCount()):
      			if self.selectedStartTime == ds.getValueAt(row,'State Time Stamp'):
      				JList = dt.getViewport().getComponent(0) 

Alternatively, download and import the attached Vision window:


The attached file was exported from Ignition version 8.1.1